INL Development Team

dschwen.pngDaniel Schwen (Development Lead, POC,, 2007, Physics, University of Goettingen, Germany) is a member of the Computational Microstructure Science group at Idaho National Laboratory and the lead developer of the mesoscale NEAMS-funded MARMOT tool. He has implemented core multiphase modeling and mechanics coupling functionality into MARMOT and designed novel rapid model development capabilities. His expertise is in the area of multiscale modeling with a focus on using mesoscale modeling and simulation tools to bridge from the atomistic to the macroscale. Dr. Schwen has experience in modeling materials under irradiation and thermodynamic modeling.

laagesen.pngLarry Aagesen is a Computational Scientist in the Fuels Modeling and Simulation Department at Idaho National Laboratory. His work involves developing and applying computational and analytical models of microstructural evolution in materials with a primary focus on phase-field models for nuclear fuels. Larry earned M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern University in 2007 and 2010, respectively. He worked as a postdoctoral researcher and research scientist in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan in 2010-2015 before joining INL in 2015.

kahmed.jpgKarim Ahmed is a postdoctoral research associate with the Fuel Modeling and Simulation Department at Idaho National Laboratory. He has a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University and a M.Sc. in Materials Science from Florida State University. His main research interest is modeling the co-evolution of microstructure and properties of materials under extreme conditions

yzhang.jpgYongfeng Zhang (Project PI, POC, (Ph.D., 2009, Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) leads the Computational Microstructure Science group at INL and the NEAMS Lower-Length-Scale Model Development project which supports MARMOT development. His research interest focuses on i) atomistic to mesoscale studies of aging and degradation in nuclear fuels and materials and ii) development and coupling of atomic scale tools for meso to engineering scale fuel performance modeling.  His research work has led to over 30 peer-reviewed journal publications and more than 30 conference presentations.

INL Lower Lengthscale Support Work

Chao Jiang

Ben Beeler

Jianguo Yu



Mike Tonks (Penn State U)

Topher Matthews (LANL)

Jarod Tolliver (BYU Idaho)

Pritam Chakraborty (IIT, India)

Jacob Bair (BYU)

Sudipta Biswas (Purdue)

David R. Andersson (LANL)

Xianming Bai (Virginia Tech)

Paul Millett (U Arkansas)