Code Testing

Software quality is tightly controlled using issue tracking, automatic testing or merge requests, and collaborative code review. 

MAMMOTH through MOOSE is supported by more than 2000 tests.  All new code must be supported by testing.


The verification of MAMMOTH will be documented in the future.


MAMMOTH is currently being validated against a number of existing benchmarks for multi-physics phenomena, including TREAT transients with thermal feedback [1, 2, 3] and the thermal-mechanical response of Godiva experiments [4].  Development of a model for the ATR 1994 Core Internals Changeout (94CIC) benchmark is underway.  In addition, MAMMOTH has been validated against the BEAVRS LWR core benchmark developed by MIT [5].  At present, a series of measurements are planned for TREAT startup testing in FY18, and will be used for validation of MAMMOTH.  These measurements include:

  • Rod worth measurements

  • Date from ATF calibration experiments

  • Three-dimensional neutron flux, power, and temperature profile throughout core at different steady state power levels

  • Beta and neutron lifetime measurements

  • Negative temperature coefficient measurements

  • Neutron spectroscopy as a function of temperature in core at the center experiment location.


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